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All of the High Achievement products have been designed by classroom teachers and are
highly effective for all types of learning environments.  The instructional content has been
designed to help you create both a fun learning environment and to meet the current
educational content standards. 
Each High Achievement educational product has been designed to be exceptionally easy
to use both at home and in the classroom. For example, a child can simply pick up the 
educational phone line and hear a fun educational song about the lesson followed 
by an interactive practice session. The interactive phone system has voice recognition 
and can recognize the student's answers as he/she responds to the questions. The 
system extends beyond the classroom to provide anytime and anywhere learning. 

Another favorite High Achievement product is Smart Dog and his automated helpers. 
The Reading Friends Automated Helpers may look like cute teddy bears, dogs, cats, and
other fun stuffed animals, but they are actually high-tech educational helpers. A child can
simply show a book to one of the cute stuffed animals and the system automatically
reads the book to the child. The system can recognize almost any object in a classroom
(colors, shapes, flash cards, teaching coins, etc.) and teach the exact lesson specified.
You can create your own lessons, or use the standard prepackaged content.
Elementary school students as young as kindergarten are having fun and learning as they 
play with High Achievement products. 
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